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There are 2 ways to see BingeFest. You can purchase tickets to a single event, just click on the event folder to purchase.

Or if you take your binging seriously you’ll be booking a multipass… which you can buy from this page or the event folders.


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BingeFest is a brand new festival at the Opera House.

Television, performance art, podcast trailblazers, video game battles and internet lols!

Take the ultimate couch challenge, binge on the binge-worthy and force-feed your newsfeed with cat videos and Harmontown and Radiolab and Serial and Streetfighter and Buffy and...



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WHAT IS BingeFest?

BingeFest is a new 24+ hour festival at the Sydney Opera House celebrating the best of binge-able content. BINGEFEST merges creative industries from internet-inspired art, digitally-integrated performance, video game installations and pop culture icons, think podcasts, TV, gaming and cult hits.


All the usual ways;
- This website
- Phone 02 9250 7777
- At Box Office at Sydney Opera House, 9am – 8.30pm Mon – Sat, and 9am – 5pm on Sun.


By purchasing 3 or more tickets to different BingeFest sessions across the 24 hours, you qualify for a 'multipass' which entitles you to a discount! It’s also the best way to attend the festival, in our humble opinion.


Tickets are on sale to the general public from Friday October 14 at 9AM, available for purchase from this website. When tickets are on sale, there are 2 ways to see BingeFest. You can purchase tickets to a single event… or if you take your binging seriously you’ll be booking a multipass…


Circular Quay is a five to seven minute walk from the Sydney Opera House. You can catch buses, trains and ferries to Circular Quay. The last train leaves Circular Quay towards the city at 12.52am, the last ferry to Manly leaves at 23.45. The first train towards the city on Sunday morning leaves Circular Quay station at 4.42am and the first ferry is at 6.50am. As this is an overnight event, if you are planning on leaving the Sydney Opera House outside of public transport hours we recommend organising an alternate form of transport in these hours. Drivers can enjoy one of 1200 parking spaces at Wilsons Carpark, open 24 hours. We recommend booking your park ahead of time. Carpark information is here.


Refunds for performance tickets are payable in accordance with the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice - Consumer Code. Exchanges for performance tickets or the replacement of lost, stolen or missing tickets may be permitted under certain conditions and fees may apply.


Experience installations in the foyers of the Joan Sutherland Theatre, including the Redfern Convenience Store popping up for all your snacking needs, De Rucci with a View for all your lounging needs, and the Street Fighter Video Game Lounge, for all your gaming needs. Foyer installations are free, for everyone to come & experience.


BingeFest is presented by the Sydney Opera House. The founder and curator of the festival is Danielle Harvey, co-founder and co-curator of All About Women and co-curator of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas for the last four years. It is part of the annual Talks & Ideas program.


Is it really a BingeFest if you're not up at 1am saying "just one more episode"?


All our usual on-site restaurants and bars will be open, including Bennelong, Opera Bar, Opera Kitchen and Portside. Or, if you're looking for a quick snack, visit the Redfern Convenience Store pop-up on the Joan Sutherland Theatre Southern Foyer for all your overnight imported and local snack needs (open from Saturday 11:30PM – Sunday 11:30PM).


Any patrons under 15 should attend with a guardian. Photo ID is required for all Sydney Opera House bars and restaurants.


Unfortunately not. The RSPCA suggests this isn't a great idea for your feline friend.


Refunds for performance tickets are payable in accordance with the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice - Consumer Code. Exchanges for performance tickets or the replacement of lost, stolen or missing tickets may be permitted under certain conditions and fees may apply. 


Give us a bell on 02 9250 7777 or email us at



@Joan Sutherland Theatre

GUT CHURN <br></br> The Radiolab host and creator takes us behind the scenes on what it took to create a new type of radio, and a worldwide hit. <br></br> What do animals see when they look into our eyes? Why do some people prefer to play goalkeepers? What happens if you never teach a child that the sky is blue? <br></br> Radiolab probes the questions that define what it means to be human. It's reinvented the sound of radio and - along with This American Life and Serial - is one of America's most popular podcasts. And now its creator Jad Abumrad is coming to Australia for the first time. <br></br> Turning the oft-asked question 'How did you come up with Radiolab?' into a live show, Gut Churn sees Abumrad recount the radical uncertainty and fight-or-flight feelings of creating something completely new. How critical is anxiety to the creative process? Can anxiety actually be good for you? <br></br> Layered, nuanced and artfully composed, Gut Churn is Radiolab live and at its mind-blowing best.     giphy-18images-1  e6591ef06e7811e6b80b8b0944af7c9a_content_medium radiolab-berkeley-103710-credit-jaredkellyjpg-9f9f71ec9f74b6f4 dsc_85741


@Joan Sutherland Theatre

BINGE-WORTHY JOURNALISM Investigative journalism that's so good, people cannot turn it off - that's what Julie Snyder and Sarah Koenig set out to create. And then they made history. <br></br> Launched in 2014, Serial became the fastest podcast to reach five million downloads in iTunes history. Listeners across the world were hooked as Julie Snyder and Sarah Koenig examined the case of Adnan Syed, turning up facts suggesting he was wrongfully convicted for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Meshing investigative journalism with the storytelling format of podcasting, Serial was so influential that people started making podcasts about the podcast. And Syed's case was opened for retrial. <br></br> In this Australian exclusive, Julie Snyder will take you backstage in her cultural phenomenon, using her most memorable recordings to narrate personal stories about the ups and downs of creating a smash-hit podcast, and reshaping our understanding of the justice system. <br></br> When: Sunday 18th December, 1.15-2.45pm <br></br> Where: Joan Sutherland Theatre <br></br> Who: Julie Snyder, creator of Serial and senior producer of This American Life 1 December 2015 - New York, NY - Serial offices, candids and portraits. serial-cell serialpodcast-1415380976308_large download imagemailkimp


@Joan Sutherland Theatre

YOU SHOULD HAVE WATCHED BY NOW AUS EXCLUSIVE The Wire. The Twilight Zone. Seinfeld. The Sopranos. Doctor Who. Rosehaven.  Stranger Things. Cheers. Game Of Thrones. Twin Peaks. Community. Lost. Friday Night Lights. Mad Men. Buffy. Friends. Don't worry, we've got you. <br></br> What's the best episode? Which shows got better with time? Whether it's on Netflix, from a dusty boxset, or currently airing on HBO, The A.V. Club has seen and written about it. Direct from the USA, The A.V. Club concludes the inaugural BingeFest with the ultimate watchlist. giphy 200-17 200w-23 200w-24 200-12 200-13 200w-22 200_s-1 1twin%20peaks 1sick%20sad%20world 1portlandiagiphy-99 giphy-100



@Joan Sutherland Theatre

DAN HARMON (COMMUNITY, RICK AND MORTY) / JOSH THOMAS (PLEASE LIKE ME) / CELIA PACQUOLA & LUKE MCGREGOR (ROSEHAVEN) + HOST GRETEL KILLEEN <br></br> How do characters get their names and how does it feel to kill them off? How many attempts does it take to hit prime time? <br></br> Come on an adventure to find out what goes on in a writers’ room. Industry veteran Dan Harmon (Rick and Morty, Community), four seasons deep Josh Thomas (Please Like Me), and up-and-comers Celia Pacquola and Luke McGregor (Rosehaven) are here to give you the backstage insight into what it takes to write a hit show. And then they’ll write a brand new show for you, on the spot! Hosted by Australian TV Veteran, Gretel Killeen, who will act as our new shows “show runner”, this is the ideal event for anyone interested in TV, creation, collaboration and having a laugh. <br></br> When: Sunday 18th December, 5.15-6.30pm <br></br> Where: Joan Sutherland Theatre <br></br> Who: Dan Harmon, Josh Thomas, Celia Pacquola & Luke McGregor, Host: Gretel Killeen giphy2 giphy giphy-57 giphy-59 giphy-60 200w-27 giphy-2 200-22 200-21 download tid34032-rosehaven-004


@Joan Sutherland Theatre

LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner present #ANDINTHEEND, a collaborative performance project exclusive to BingeFest. <br></br> LIVE STREAM <a href=""target="_blank"></a>. <br></br> FOLLOW <a href="" target="_blank">@thecampaignbook</a>. <br></br> From midnight tonight, visitors are invited into the Joan Sutherland Theatre, one by one, to participate by delivering a message or statement to the trio inside. <br></br> The sole requirement is that each participant’s message should begin with the words: “AND IN THE END…” Visitors are free to interpret this request in any way they see fit. <br></br> Once communicated to the artists, visitor’s messages will be relayed to the world during a continuous broadcast, live-streamed online at At the same time, their words will be beamed out across a 60-metre-long LED display at Sydney Opera House. <br></br> LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner’s open-ended project implicitly asks: where are we headed? what might it all mean? and what is important in the end? <br></br> Session 1: Saturday 11:59PM – 6AM <br></br> Session 2: Sunday 10PM – 6AM <br></br> cz1vfmnviaa4fai shia-image shia and-in-the-end shia-2  takemeanywhere_922 giphy-21 campaignbook shia takemeanywhere-site



HOW LOW CULTURE SAVED HIGH SOCIETY WITH CHRISTOPHER BORRELLI <br></br> At the end of the day, TV is the art form that speaks to us all – it shapes our dreams, confronts our fears and reflects the world we live in. Every year we hear of a new era and the death of a media industry, yet TV always has the last laugh. Why? <br></br> Christopher Borrelli is a features reporter and columnist for the Chicago Tribune, providing a refreshingly earnest voice to the world of video games, Godzilla, hand dryers, toast, Netflix, location scouts, shadow puppet theatre companies, arts panels, and people who hoard copies of Jerry Maguire. <br></br> As a man who has written a 1,000-word article on the mathematic formula behind suspense, it’s safe to say that Borrelli will deliver on why TV is so important,  and give us a reason to never listen to ‘turn off the TV and go to bed’ ever again. 200-19 200-20 200_s-3 giphy-71 giphy-72 giphy-73 giphy-84  giphy-78 giphy-77 giphy-76



2016'S VIRAL HITS DAN ILIC & THE SOCIAL SUICIDE SQUAD FEAT. CELESTE BARBER (INSTAGRAM) / EMMA BALFOUR (SCHOLAR OF MEMES) / DAN ILIC (FUSION NETWORK) / THEO SAIDDEN (SUPERWOG) / JENNA GUILLAUME (BUZZFEED) / BEC SHAW (NO TO FEMINISM) <br></br> Australia’s best, brightest and funniest internet stars descend on the Opera House to bring you the definitive story of what went down on the Internet in 2016 – from a dying gorilla to activewear to Joe Biden memes.  <br></br> Featuring Instagrammer Celeste Barber, Scholar of Memes Emma Balfour , Theo Saidden the Superwog, Buzzfeed’s Jenna Guillaume, writer and feminist Bec Shaw and journalist and comedian Dan Ilic. From the team that bought you the sold out sessions The New Satirists and A Rational Fear at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas - don't miss out on having the last laugh this year! <br></br> When: Saturday 17 December, 3.45-5pm  <br></br> Where: Playhouse <br></br>   giphy-51200w-25 giphy-52 giphy-40 kaney kanye-west-wiz-khalifa-feud-01-960x640




HOSTED BY THE A.V. CLUB <br></br> The best of Buffy b2b overnight, binge on the show that changed EVERYTHING. 20 years. 7 seasons. 144 episodes. Welcome to the Hellmouth!   Whether you're a slayer, watcher, scooby or newbie, take on the graveyard shift and see the best of Buffy the Vampire Slayer at BingeFest, hosted by the editors of American entertainment bible, The A.V. Club. <br></br> Created by Joss Whedon (Firefly,  The Dollhouse, Toy Story, first two Avengers), Buffy broke the tired Hollywood formula of little blonde girl goes down a dark alley and gets killed. Hallelujah.   A roadmap to the supernatural show boom to come, reminisce or take the crash course on one of the greatest T.V. series ever.   200w-17 200_s 200 200-1 giphy-33-1 giphy-35-1 giphy-37 giphy-39 200-2 200-3 200-4 200w-18 200-5 200-7 200w-19 200-2 200-3


@Joan Sutherland Foyers

Bask in the sunset, hang out overnight or take a break in our harbour view De Rucci installation.   <br></br> Under the ever watchful eye of De Rucci, stock up on snacks and relax in this plush getaway – think of it as your living room done Opera House style with free video games and a stunning harbour view to boot. Whether you're down for a 24-hour binge or dropping in for shows here and there, recline and refresh in one of our favourite pocket corners of the Opera House. <br></br> “Custom made for a lifetime of comfort” - De Rucci <br></br> * We may have a life-size De Rucci statue. Think of it as Where's Wally? done BingeFest style. * <br></br> de_rucci_magic_bum derucciman the_derucci_drop be_excellent_derucci


@Joan Sutherland Foyers

The Greatest Convenience Store on Earth moves into one of the world's most famous arts institutions. Snacks sorted. <br></br> BingeFest is serious about bringing the best and fuelling you for the rest. So whether you're here for some serious gaming, feline fun, Jad Abumrad, Julie Snyder, or to find out what on earth Shia & Co. are concocting, drop into the Redfern Convenience Store pop up for some late night munchies in the Joan Sutherland Theatre Southern Foyer. Featuring imported favourites and owner Hazem's timeless smile and service on deck, savour the flavour of what 7,000 Insta-followers agree is the Greatest Convenience Store on Earth. Who knows, maybe you will be #customeroftheday? <br></br> “He treats his customers as though they are family” – The Huffington Post <br></br> P.S. Did you know Hazem is training to become a bodybuilder? <br></br> img_4698 giphy-24 2b506fae00000578-3195860-image-a-5_1439427877872 bf8d61fe9a23fbeb5ca62c741dac8f51 http-%2f%2fi-huffpost-com%2fgen%2f3559214%2fimages%2fn-hazem-sedda-redfern-convenience-store-628x314 screen_shot_2015-08-12_at_5-20-09_pm OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  



If life imitates art, then think of cat videos as life and art in one purrfect pair. So we're celebrating them in the Joan Sutherland Foyers.   If you're feeling guilty about seeing this, don't. This is what the Walker Art Centre thought about 13,000 people (?!) coming along last year;  “Internet cat videos are doing all of the things compelling art should: raising questions, challenging assumptions, angering people, and—in the case of our festival—creating a real experience.”  Answering the late Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson's Music for Dogs in 2010, we're finally setting the record straight for our feline friends. catballtumblr_n2b3bzpfgi1r4xjo2o1_250 giphy-32 giphy-29 giphy-28 giphy-15 giphy-27buzzfeedfilm-fest-cat kitten mum-and-kid120831_browser_catvideofest4-jpg-crop-article568-large fi6yn0a maxresdefault-1



The local party crew come fashion dons deliver a ltd edition jersey to celebrate BingeFest #1. <br></br> Emerging in 2012 with their legendary nights at the sorely missed Goodgod Small Club, Pelvis have translated the dance floor spirit into a leisure line of apparel that has proved equally as popular. Stimulating the senses with the long and late in Sydney, the mysterious collective recently launched their recording arm with the Dance Freak 12”, curated sessions at the Golden Age Cinema, and released the DF2 streetwear range. Stocked around the world in Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and more, hop into these limited edition threads as we celebrate the inaugural edition of BingeFest. <br></br> “Pelvis celebrate all that's decadent” - Vice <br></br> Produced with Canterbury. <br></br> 5M 12L 8XL 5 XXL (Unisex).     opera-house-badge-flat screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-4-32-37-pm opera-house-badge-flatscreen-shot-2016-10-06-at-4-32-37-pm opera-house-badge-flatscreen-shot-2016-10-06-at-4-32-37-pm screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-4-32-37-pmopera-house-badge-flat screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-4-32-37-pmopera-house-badge-flat

24HR Street Fighter

@Joan Sutherland Foyers

Play for free all day all night on as many consoles we can fit in the BingeFest bunker, or join the Street Fighter Tournament with pro fighter collective OzHadou. <br></br> We know you're serious about Street Fighter so let’s get straight to it. <br></br> Head up to the harbour view Joan Sutherland Theatre Northern Foyer, then down the stairs for the Street Fighter bunker zone featuring free-to-play arcades and the just released Street Fighter V on PS4. Whether 16-bit is your bag, resolution ranks highest or you wish to cosplay, sink into a sofa with one of the greatest beat 'em ups ever. <br></br> If you’re looking to test your skills and join the tournament, register in the Joan Sutherland Theatre Northern Foyer on Sunday 18 December from 9am-4pm. The tournament will start at 4pm. <br></br> Thanks to Samsung the winner will walk away with Samsung Gear VR and Galaxy S7 in black. Valued at over $1200.tumblr_oa9hod0bgn1v99ejio1_500 giphy-31 picgifs-street-fighter-109097 sfv-logo chuli_by_yukiusagi1983


@Rehearsal Room

...With Amrita <br></br> First two classes sold out, final class on sale now! <br></br> Unleash your inner RiRi or Sasha Fierce and get down on the ballet's practice room floor. Have you ever wished to rinse the club like Queen Bey or watched the 'Work' video on repeat? Amrita Hepi is here to help! A professional dancer / dance maker, writer and activist, Amrita will hold two classes in the Opera House's backstage rehearsal room, pumping through your favourite Lemonade and ANTI hits in an intimate, fun, welcome-all environment. <br></br> In the words of your new spirit guide, Am-rih rih will be your shame-free dance guide counsellor with one rule only: you gotta werk! <br></br> Class 1:  Sunday 2PM - 3PM - Sold out <br></br> Class 2: Sunday 4PM - 5PM - Sold out <br></br> Class 3: Sunday 6PM - 7PM en4a6656_nikkito tos_cover_dancers_credit_anna_kucera_048 giphy-26giphy-1-1giphy-68 giphy-69 dav1467_110915_tigerlily_blue_sh10_459 bunburywebcopies-103 dsc_8320 dsc_8239 tos_cover_dancers_credit_anna_kucera_070  minkpink_160523_denim_sh04_0220-1



Dan Harmon is also appearing in The Writers' Room <br></br> DAN HARMON, SPENCER CRITTENDEN & JEFF DAVIS <br></br> Harmontown – recorded in front of a live audience – is pretty much Dan's screen life dropped on a stage and rolled into a podcast, Hollywood burns and all. Originally a monthly club night turned weekly when he was fired from Community, Harmontown is a desert island podcast of comedy gold with Dan running amok through 'A-list' guests, stand-up improv and failed self-help sessions (read: video game therapy). <br></br> If you were kinda raised by your TV or had a quintessential college experience list, we guarantee that Harmontown will bloom in all its ragged glory for Dan's debut Sydney appearance. <br></br> Performance 1 : Saturday 7:30PM - 9:30PM <br></br> Performance 2: Sunday 9PM - 11PM <br></br>   screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-3-26-45-pm200w-29 200-24  harmontown giphy-30photo-updated-harmon-approved giphy-27 giphy-7